Welcome! I am a biologist interested in the evolution of social relationships.


         My research is broken into three major themes:

                   1. the biology of social bonds

                   2. the evolution of individual differences - e.g. personality and social network structure

                   3. the role of cooperation in social relationships

My work focuses on highly gregarious, group-living animals. I work mostly with data collected from wild or free-ranging groups, and specialise on study systems with uniquely long-term datasets.

Lauren J.N. Brent     
University of Exeter, Duke University


2014-present: Associate Research Fellow, Centre for Research in

                        Animal Behaviour, University of Exeter

2010-present: Postdoctoral Associate, Duke University


PhD (2010) University of Roehampton, UK

MA (2005) University of Calgary, Canada

BSc (2003) Biology, McGill University, Canada